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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Melatonin Induced Lucid Dreaming

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Melatonin Induced Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

Researchers claim that melatonin and vitamin B6 prove to be the best supplements for lucid dreaming. Melatonin increases the rapid eye movement sleep cycle of a person. It is an organic sleep aid that improves sleep quality. Moreover, the chances of lucid dreaming also increase by taking melatonin supplements. However, melatonin is not usable as a sleeping pill, and it only comforts the body and triggers the need for sleep. Some scientists credited melatonin level as a natural inbuilt body clock that tells the body it is time to go to sleep. The rate of dreaming is directly proportional to the melatonin level in the human body. The greater the level of melatonin, the greater is the likelihood of experiencing more lucid dreams and vice versa. However, it is also notable that taking a higher quality of melatonin can cause psychotic disorders in the dreamer.

How Can One Improve the Production of Melatonin in the Human Body?


One can improve the production of melatonin by adopting the following ways:

Be consistent in your sleeping schedule and go to bed on time. It will keep your internal clock regulated.

The production of melatonin gets affected by exposure to light quality. Try to sleep in a completely dark room, and use an eye mask if darkness is impossible. Add food to your diet that increases the production of melatonin. Food like barley, white and black mustard, flax seeds, almonds, and sunflower aids in producing melatonin. However, tomatoes, ginger, bananas, and oats also can be helpful in this regard.

Avoid taking anti-inflammatory and anti-depressants drugs because they cease the production of melatonin.

If you are unable to sleep regularly or experiencing jet lag, you can take a small dose of melatonin. However, follow the instructions given on the packings and do not exceed the safe limit.

A 3 mg dose of melatonin is safe to use.

Does Melatonin Induce Lucid Dreams?


Lucid dreaming practitioners mention that melatonin does not induce lucid dreams, and it only prepares the body for sleep. Moreover, it also aids in experiencing vivid dreams. However, the usefulness of a drug varies from person to person. It means that increased melatonin may cause higher dream activity in some people, which is not beneficial for health.

How does Melatonin Help the Body in Sleeping?


The pineal gland in the human brain releases melatonin naturally at night. The release of this hormone signals the body that the time to sleep has come. Melatonin supplements do the same thing, and it is also helpful in regulating the circadian rhythms of the human body. But when we take melatonin from outside, it increases REM sleep and helps us in experiencing rich dreams. In short, it causes us to ride on a roller coaster of lucid dreams. However, taking caffeine in a diet disrupts the sleep cycles of the human body. Moreover, aging also decreases the natural production of melatonin. However, one can cure this by taking melatonin from outside.

The endnote is that one can take melatonin as a supplement for lucid dreaming, but it is not sure that it will induce LD in that person. However, the safe dosage for melatonin is 3 mg per day.