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Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Can You Solve Problems in Lucid Dreams?

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Can You Solve Problems in Lucid Dreams? Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreaming can act as a healthy practice to sort out your problems. You can implement your new plans in a dream and interpret the results. Lucid dreams are a great way to check the efficiency of a solution because you don't have any concern about the end. Patrick Bourke, a Senior Lecturer at the Lincoln School of Psychology, researched to find a link between Lucid dreaming and problem-solving. He found that lucid dreamers can solve their problems 25 times better than non-lucid dreamers.

However, the actual correlation between the two aspects is further investigable. Experts say that the rapid eye movement sleep cycle fosters integration and creative skills while dreaming. This integrity and concentration help a person to solve the problem during dreams.

How Do Lucid Dreaming and Problem Solving Relate to Each Other?

As we know if a person takes healthier and sound sleep, he enjoys good mental health. Moreover, consistent lucid dreams are a great way to get rid of your psychological issues and nightmares. All this positively impacts the dreamer's personality and enables him to be wiser while solving problems.

Another link between solving problems and LD is that lucid dreaming can identify hidden mysteries. So, it can provide you with an insight into your issues better than the waking world. So, a dreamer can translate the veiled spots of his waking life into a dream world and find a solution.

How Does the Brain Solve Emotional Problems Using Lucid Dreaming?


Working as the president of the international association for the study of dreams, Robert Hoss said that the human brain uses dreams to solve a person's emotional issues. Keep in mind that The problem-solving regions of the brain work during dreams. So, if a person is giving up in an intense situation, his brain recalls his past incidents to give him a pushing force. Your brain presents a vivid video of your desperate past events having the same issues. In this way, a person gains power and determination to solve his recent problems. You may experience that the dreamscape presents the same emotional scenes you are going through. It is a subconscious effort of the human brain to solve problems.

How Can You Use Lucid Dreaming to Solve a Problem?

Here are the three steps to figure out your problems in a dream:

Visualize your problem. If you have any emotional concern with a person, place his photo on the side table. Worried about your half-completed Science project, visualize it before sleeping.

Try to think of your problem as a video in your dreams. Avoid any distractions or astray thoughts and stay concerned about your issue.

Don't wake up immediately in the morning. Lay on your bed and think for a while about your dream. It will help you revive your whole dream and get rid of your stress.


The endnote is that solving problems in dreams is not a myth now. Several artists, dramatists, and painters use dreams to discover their creativity blockage.