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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Productive Lucid Dreams shared by Lucid Dreamers

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Productive Lucid Dreams shared by Lucid Dreamers Associative picture from Unsplash

Lucid dreaming is getting famous due to its increasing productive benefits. In today’s fast paced world where people try to use short paths to achieve their goals, LD is a solution to accomplish them while sleeping. People are learning to induce LD and to be productive.

A question may appear in your mind, what are productive lucid dreams? Productive lucid dreams help people trigger creativity and positivity and get most of their sleep time to improve their ongoing lives. Lucid dreams are controllable and have no limits for imagination. So, you can purposely induce them to be more diligent.

A research paper, Applications of Productive Lucid Dreams, highlight some of the practical applications of positive lucid dreaming for the betterment of people. You will find inspiration for yourself in the events shared by lucid dreamers. So, you can practice lucid dreaming for self-improvement and polishing your skills.

Productive lucid dreams- A self-help tactic

A plethora of studies shows lucid dreaming helps people to get better. You can skip the horrifying events of your nightmares, anxiety disorders, and similar mental conditions to reduce the agitation caused by them. In this way, you can get a night of healthier sleep, increasing your prosperity during the day. People with physical health conditions or disabilities can take equal advantage of it as mental health conditions.

The applications of LD are not limited to dealing with health issues; instead, there are limitless options helping people to use it for their benefits and self-improvement.

Productive lucid dreaming experiences shared by lucid dreamers

Different research organizations conduct surveys or studies to gain more information about people’s LD experiences. Several case studies are available where people used lucid dreams to become better; some are shared.

Game Creator

A passionate game creator used this tactic to bring creativity to his games. He imagined the battles with monsters and aliens in his dreams. In this way, new ideas clicked in his mind related to his game. So, lucid dreaming became a simulator for his job.


Smokers, who cannot prohibit their addiction, rely on this conscious dreaming. They imagine smoking for 5-6 hours while sleeping in a sub-conscious state. This way, they do not quest for smoking in their walking life. So, lucid dreaming can aid people in refraining their addictions and bringing them to a healthier life.

Musician and Dramatist

A case study reported that some musicians and playwrights try to concentrate on their ideas while dreaming lucidly. They used LD to inculcate new concepts in their creations.

Movie Directors

You already know that “Avatar”, “The inception”, and “The matrix” are some of the movies that are the result of lucid dreams; either their writer or director converted ideas from their LD to the movie scenes/ concepts.

The final verdict is that productive lucid dreams help people to mental healing, physical rehabilitation, and many other advantageous things, and they can do it through self-help. It would be best to learn to induce a lucid dream and take advantage of your rest time.