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Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Reality checks during lucid dreams

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The clash between the dream and the waking world enables the lucid dreamers to judge whether they are dreaming or waking. Somethings being ubiquitous in lucid dreams help you to investigate your consciousness. For example, take a hand and see if you can poke a finger through it. If you can pass a finger through your hand, you are dreaming. But you can’t do that in real life. Similarly, flying in the air is possible in LD but not in reality.


However, some reality checks may fail due to a lack of control over the LD. So, lucid dreamers must line up different reality checks for apprehension. Researchers also investigated the correlation between LD and reality checks and found that observing strange objects makes a person lucid instantly. It means that figuring out reality and lucidity often enables a person to do these checks in the dreams. So, this way, a dreamer can trigger a lucid dream more easily.

What are some reality checks to do?

Counting your fingers

Looking at your hands is a great way to test whether or not you are dreaming. When you are in a dream, and you figure out your fingers, you will usually have six or four fingers, and your hands in the dream world often look different than in real life. So during the night, you will notice that your hands do not look perfect, which means you are lucid.

Plug your nose and try to breathe

Take your fingers and put them over your nose, and when your fingers are holding your nose shut, try and breathe through the nose. You’ll feel that your nose is blocked, and you can’t breathe through it. But if you are actually in a lucid dream, you’ll feel like breathing through open nostrils; it will help you realize lucid dreaming.

Reading text

While dreaming, if you read something like a clock or a poster, and then you look away, and you look back at it, it will change every single time. So when you are in waking life, and you want to do a reality check, just read a sign or something, or look somewhere else, and shiny analyze the board. If it changes, it means you are lucid dreaming.

What makes a good reality check?


If you think, where are you? Can you see? How did you get there? What is your plan?; To apprehend a lucid dream, it will not work. These things are very fuzzy and challenging to understand in the dream world. So, trying to do something omnipresent in the LD means that the reality check must be defensive because the human brain cannot draw logical conclusions. Moreover, if a lucid dreamer practice reality checks in waking life, he will succeed in judging his lucid dream.

What is the perfect time to do a reality check?

The best time to do a reality check is the onset of the rapid eye movement sleep cycle. A REM cycle starts after 90 minutes of sleep. So, you can do your first reality check after 1-2 hours.


The endnote is that don’t practice a reality check more then 15-20 times a day. Moreover, frequent checking eliminates the ubiquity of a process, and you fail to analyze the reality.