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Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Steps to Heal Physical Conditions through Lucid Dreaming

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Steps to Heal Physical Conditions through Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

Sleep is a vital part of a person's routine for a healthier life. Sleep grants time to our brain to detox, our bodies to take rest and our minds to explore the boundless world through dreams. A remarkable fact is that we dream approximately 2,190 days or 52,650 hours, almost six years of our lives.


Some of these dreams are lucid dreams, that is very helpful to overcome phobias, traumas, nightmares, and enhance creativity, etc. Due to lucid dreaming, a person can provoke development internally and heal emotionally, spiritually and physically. Let's get more insightful information about physical healing through lucid dreaming.

Can Healing Occur Through Lucid Dreaming?

Yes, lucid dreaming is very helpful with healing. One type of healing is by correcting some subconscious patterns tangled in someone's mind, in their heart, and even in life. Lucid dreams can play a significant role by recognizing where healing is necessary for the body, emotions, or spiritually when a person realizes specific healing by conscious guidance. Then he can recur his lucid dream for fast recovery. The healing process by LD always happens when the person wants to be healed.

How Lucid Dreams Help to Heal Physically?

Some lucid researchers considerably explore the idea of physical healing in lucid dreams. Their research results and first-hand experiments have discovered some correlation between LD healing and actual physical healing of the human body. The placebo effect also disclosed the ability of the mind to heal the body without medications.

Physical healing takes place when an individual can take an assertive role. Without the individual's preference, no outside therapies and conventional methods or even medicines can make a miracle on the physical healing. Many people understand that physical healing occurs through visualization, where the patients imagine that the diseased cells of the body's immune system are healed by coloured light.

First-Hand Experiences by Lucid Dreamers

Ed Kellogg firstly experimented on himself in 1984 by lucid dreaming. He was aware and seeking to heal their harshly infected tonsils. He explained after awakening that the pain and signs of infections decreased by 95% in his badly infected tonsils.

A person injured big toe, dislocating and splitting of skin during an accident and received 4 stitches only and no other treatment. The joint pain arises 10 to 20 times a day. But after lucid dream healing, the pain decreased to 99%. After that, the same person feels a little pain in their joints after running for twenty minutes.

How did Lucid Dreamer Physically heal?

There are some steps to go through when a person wants himself physically healed.

Step-1: Firstly, use the MILD technique to set a clear target to try healing in particular body parts or illnesses.

Step-2: On becoming lucid, remember your intentions towards specific healing.

Step-3: Then, point the finger on the affected part or place your hand on that area.

Step-4: In the dream sky, imagine that healing energy is poured into the affected area.

Step-5: Then feel that area is healing by himself as nothing happens with them.

Step-6: Declare the healing statement as my elbow joint heals rapidly, or all is well etc.

Step-7: While experiencing lucid dreaming healing, note the symptoms before and after the healing process or any change during the healing dream.


Indeed, lucid dreams are miraculous for those people who have any major or minor physical illness; the recovery rate is incredible.