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Wednesday, 01 December 2021

Can lucid dreamers play games in LD?

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Can lucid dreamers play games in LD? Associative picture from Unsplash

A journal, Dreaming, published research on the correlation between LD and certain games. The statistics showed that immersive gaming has a link to lucid dreams. Also, the researchers specified that playing physically active games increases the frequency of lucid dreams, and getting indulged in games like Nintendo’s Wii system is more helpful for the induction of LD.

Another finding of the research was immersive gamers have a greater probability of incorporating games content into their dreams. Some preliminary evidence is available showing that lucid dreamers fetch ideas from physically interactive games in LD. Some researchers from the University of Central Arkansas and Hendrix College proved that the virtual gameplays overlap with the lucid dreams of the dreamer. So, all the facts of the research emphasize the correlation between games and LD.

Can a person play games in LD?

Different researches show that the likeliness of lucid dreaming is greater for video gamers compared to nongamers. Now the question is, can you play a game in a lucid dream? The answer lies in the logic that the Lucid dream, itself, is a part of a giant VR videogame. A lucid dreamer can enact any active role in their lucid dreams and also can change their dreamscape. It means that a lucid dreamer can play games in LD just like in ongoing life.

How lucid dreamers play games in LD?

In LD, a person has the power to set his character and drive his dream on the way he wants. That means they can play a game while dreaming like other activities, smoking, eating meals, etc. However, a lucid dreamer can play games during LD in two different ways:

Playing a video game on a console.

This method of playing games in LD is similar to playing games in ongoing life. A lucid dreamer imagines himself playing the game on his console during LD. Some people may find it boring to play games like in the real world. But playing a video game on a computer or console helps you to improve your real-time skills.

Similarly, a lucid dreamer can also play physical sport during LD. Passionate gamers may use this method to be a perfectionist in the real world.

However, this may steal the actual essence of lucid dreams. LD enables people to enjoy whatever they think. So, playing games just like reality may not provide you with the spark you imagine. That’s why a much exciting way for gaming is to play like a character of a game.

Playing as a character of the video game.

The plus point of LD is that lucid dreamers can mimic any role. So, they can play like the first person in the video game instead of playing on a screen using a controller. In this way, they can mimic any character of their favourite video game or play itself.

How does gaming during lucid dreams feel?

Playing games during LD is very easy for experienced lucid dreamers. It helps them to create a world of their own choice. They also use this experience to polish their gaming skills in the awaken life.

In short, gaming during LD is fun. Go, get your dream and have fun.

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