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Wednesday, 11 August 2021

What is OBE (Out of Body Experience)?

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What is OBE (Out of Body Experience)? Associative picture from Unsplash

Many people have an out-of-body experience or a feeling that things sound and seem unreal at some point. This feeling is quite disturbing, and the sufferer may feel like leaving their body for good.

It’s considered a disorder if these feelings keep recurring and interfere with your relationships, work, and other daily activities. People who have had traumatic experiences suffer more from this disorder.

Humans are fascinated by OBE in multiple ways – both now and through the ages before. It is usually linked with spiritual beliefs and mythologies. According to studies, more than 10 % of people experience OBE at least once in their lives. However, more research is required into OBE as it’s gaining attention over the recent years.

We will go through OBEs, their symptoms, occurrence, causes, and requirement of treatment.

What is OBE?

OBE can be defined by the presence of one of or all of the following feelings:

  • Experiencing yourself outside of the body
  • Being unconscious, yet perceiving the world and yourself as an outside observer.
  • The sense of the surrounding environment being more real than real.

Usually, OBEs happen without warning, and this condition will not last very long.

When and how do OBEs occur?

People report the occurrence of OBEs in a variety of situations and different ways. Based on various factors, OBEs are categorized into two types.

Spontaneous OBEs

Spontaneous OBEs are observed during multiple situations listed below:

  • Just before falling asleep or just before waking, when sleep is not deep;
  • Following or during extreme stress;
  • Meditation;
  • Anaesthesia;
  • Near to death experiences.

Induced OBEs

There are some situations when OBEs are considered as induced:

  • The use of drugs, such as DMT, MDA, LSD, and ketamine, can give rise to it.
  • Extreme focus or torture can also trigger them.
  • Intense G-forces can drain blood from certain parts of the brain that result in OBEs occasionally experienced by pilots and astronauts.

What are the causes of OBEs?

Although OBEs are getting popular, there are no sufficient research results to explain the causes of OBEs. Some experts distinguished numerous potential foundations.

  • Difficult or frightening situations with a fear response lead toward stress that can be a reason for OBE.
  • OBEs are linked with several medical and mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, brain injury, epilepsy, and migraine.
  • The use of medicines and drugs can be a reason for OBEs.
  • Electric shock for certain mental condition treatment can also cause OBE.

Do OBEs need treatment?

Many people may have OBEs once in life and never again, but that doesn’t mean you should see a doctor or go for treatment. But if OBEs are occurring more than often with other severe conditions like sleep disorders or any trauma, then it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor or healthcare provider.

People observe OBEs through centuries and different cultures, but potential research is still required to understand this phenomenon completely.

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