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Thursday, 15 September 2022

What is the Best Way to Lucid Dream?

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What is the Best Way to Lucid Dream? Associative picture from Pexels

After distilling the appropriate ways of lucid dreaming, researchers came up with the idea that the Mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming is best. It is an effective and scientifically proven method of experiencing LD. American psychophysiologist, Laberge, gave the concept of MILD in the 1970s. He mentioned that lucid dreaming using Mnemonic induction helps you treat your physical and mental impairments. Moreover, the implementation of this method while sleeping is not too difficult. An amateur dreamer can try this technique after practising for a couple of days.


The position or your posture while sleeping also decides the type of your dreams. Some scientific findings related to dream study highlight that people sleeping on the right side have productive lucid dreams. Contrary to it, left side dreamers may experience nightmares and sleep paralysis. Accompanying the dream plants with the prescribed techniques and posture will also lead to a productive dream.

Why is Mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming the best way to induce LD?


In addition to the sheer happiness of lucid dreaming, MILD increases the chances of lucid dreaming every night. The Lucid dreaming experts recommend this technique for experiencing lucid dreams every night, and a pro dream encoder can use this technique to process his traumas. Moreover, the pursuit of lucid dreams using these techniques also enables the dreamer to skip a horrible episode of their nightmares.

What are the steps of MILD for experiencing LD?


Mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming discovered by Stephen Laberge has the following steps:

  1. The lucid dreamers must schedule an alarm for 6 hours after sleep.
  2. When the alarm wakes you up, try to remember the lucid dream you were experiencing. If you cannot remember your dreams, recall any past dream you ever had.
  3. Now lay straight on your bed and release a breath. Repeat the line; if I experience a dream this time, I will remember the dream. Keep repeating the phrase. A lucid dreamer must implement this sentence in his lucid dreams. He must know the exact meaning of the phrase by doing this. These steps will help you trigger lucidity and remember the dreams after waking up.
  4. While repeating the sentence, visualize the whole dreamscape you observed in your last dream. Try to feel like the one who is dreaming.
  5. You go to sleep while remembering the phrase mentioned in step 3. Once you sleep doing this, you will experience LD. However, if you don't go to sleep while repeating the line, you will get a determination and intention of doing this without any excuse.


Research on different case studies mentioned that this MILD technique helped people induce lucid dreams once a week. Based on this research, you can trust the MILD method and use it to experience your first lucid dream. However, the best way to lucid dream is following the MILD along with all other conditions.