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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Why Should You Cultivate a Lucid Dream?

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Why Should You Cultivate a Lucid Dream? Associative picture from Pixabay

You might have watched a movie, a youtube video, a TikTok video or read an article or book about lucid dreaming (LD). If you have done any of them randomly, it's crystal clear that LD has become a popular topic nowadays.

In recent years and with the advancement of digital lifestyle and some hyper-realistic video games, it became noticeable that LD is the ultimate fascinating experience for people. People want to do their usual work in the day, but they also want amusement at night without any investment and risks.

Some popular reasons for inducing lucid dreaming are overcoming fears, healing and living the life that's not possible in the real world, etc. LD absolutely offers a rare, free, fabulous world where everything is under the dreamer's control and feels real without any risk. Due to their characteristics, lucid dreaming undoubtedly is preferable.

Reasons to Cultivate a Lucid Dream

Everyone has their own situations and scenarios, based on which they should learn to LD, but aside from the novelty of the experience, LD has therapeutic effects on people. It helps your waking life with benefits given as follows.

Deal with Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a normal emotion, and it can be the result of a particular situation; it causes increased alertness, fear, and physical signs. However, when this happens more than often, it's anxiety disorder – a mental health condition. Lucid dreams are effective for lessening the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Because lucid dreamer feels empowered when knowing that they can control things. LD can be used to practice the situation before it happens.

Healing for People of Determination

These people can practice LD to enjoy and experience activity of their disable part of body. This disability can be natural or through an accident; in any case, they can induce a lucid dream to enjoy the missing ability in their life. For example, a person without legs can walk and run in a lucid dream.

Be More Creative

People who experience lucid dreams can express themselves with unique inspiration and ideas. Many famous artists, musicians, and other creative people claim that their masterpieces result from a lucid dream.

Use as Therapy

It is widespread to have a nightmare. Almost 50% to 85% of adults have them rare. However, constant nightmares cause stress and strains. PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress and sleep disturbance like insomnia are all linked with them. Lucid dreaming is a clinical application to deal with all mentioned mental health issues.

Research About Cultivating Lucid Dreams

According to the International Journal of Dream Research, for lucid dreams, many often noted applications were

  • Having fun (81.4%)
  • Changing a nightmare or bad dream into a fascinating one (63.8%)
  • Problem-solving (29.9%)
  • Practising skill (21.3%)
  • Getting creative insights and ideas (27.6%)

Such findings suggest that lucid dreams have many different practices and purposes. So a dreamer can modify their life according to the best manner.

You can see that learning to induce a lucid dream is more beneficial than it was in past. Everyone can have their own reason to experience it and you can have yours!